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VPI Engineering provides outsource and contract engineering services. These electronic design services (EDS) focus on detailed documentation and commercialization of technology. Areas of engineering expertise include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, firmware engineering, and software engineering. Visit VPI Engineering to learn more.

VPI Manufacturing offers assembly and manufacturing services for electrically or mechanically based products. The finished products will always be of high quality and VPI can handle unique and/or complex system requirements. We also offer contract manufacturing management services for products being manufactured in medium to high volumes. Visit VPI Manufacturing to learn more.

VPI PCB Design provides engineer-directed printed circuit board design and layout services. VPI’s team has a proven track record of meeting our clients’ challenging demands. VPI PCB offers a unique and effective combination of PCB designers to tackle any PCB design task. Visit VPI PCB to learn more.

VPI Embedded is a full service embedded systems engineering house. We design and develop embedded systems on a project/contract basis. VPI provides solutions for embedded systems design, development, and engineering. One of VPI’s core focuses in design is embedded systems design and products (modules). Visit VPI Embedded to learn more.

VPI RF Design offers customized Radio Frequency (RF) design services for clients in commercial, industrial, government, and military applications. VPI has enabled wireless communication capabilities for many products by designing new, custom radios/modems into new designs and integrating off-the-shelf modules (such as ZigBee®, Bluetooth®, and WiFi (802.11b,g,n) with existing products. Visit VPI RF to learn more.

VPI Strategic Sourcing can assist in all stages of the supply management chain. VPI specializes in parts procurement, component logistics and shipping, kitting, technology and component analysis, electronics design evaluation, design evaluation, electronic design services (EDS) and more. We can also examine specifications for obsolete components and recommend a suitable cross or replacement part. Visit VPI Strategic Sourcing to learn more.

About VPI Technology Group

Core Capabilities

VPI Technology Group is a privately held professional engineering services and product development and manufacturing company. VPI Technology Group is comprised of several different branches, providing support to clients throughout the entire product lifecycle. From design to manufacturing and hardware to software, VPI can assist with a wide variety of projects.

VPI Technology Group’s beginnings were founded in cooperation with the Center for Self Organizing Intelligent Systems at Utah State University. From this academic research footing, VPI built a strong company that highly values research, professional services, and state-of-the-art design. VPI is certified to ISO:9001:2008 quality standards.

Located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, VPI has access to a wide variety of technology and support partners that help us to provide excellent engineering services.

Our capabilities stem from experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing a wide variety of devices from many different industries. See our Electronic Design Services page to see examples of past projects and visit the individual VPI division pages to see what we have to offer.

Our initials, VPI, stand for Visionary Products Inc. This name is representative of the work we do for our clients - we strive to provide "visionary" design, engineering, and manufacturing services for your products, projects, and programs.

VPI in the News

VPI Technology Group Recognized in MWCN’s Utah 100

October 22, 2013

VPI Technology Group is pleased to announce that they have been included the MountainWest Capital Network’s Utah 100 for 2013. This event honors Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies. Thousands of Utah companies spanning all industries are evaluated each year for The Utah 100 rankings.

VPI has been recognized as a part of the Utah 100 for the last 3 years and this year ranks number 40 on the list. It is an incredible feeling to know that all of the dedication and hard work of the individuals that are a part of VPI has been validated. That combined with the leadership of the CEO, Morgan Taylor, and the board of directors, VPI made a huge leap in rankings this year. VPI’s Vice President of Business Development, Gary Olsen, indicated that "VPI has experienced several years of steady growth. We are very excited to be recognized by the Mountain West Capital Network for the growth VPI has seen in 2012. VPI is staged for continued growth in the coming years as we look to continue supporting our existing customers and new customers with their product design and manufacturing needs."

Devin Thorpe, president of MWCN, addressed the Honorees at the awards program with an enthusiastic message. “We congratulate each of the companies in the Utah 100, Emerging Elite and Top Revenue Growth Companies for their tenacious work, entrepreneurial spirit and growth. Utah provides one of the best environments in the U.S. for businesses to succeed and these companies represent the growth engine for Utah jobs.”

About MountainWest Capital Network

MountainWest Capital Network is Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success, and dedicated to the flow of financial, entrepreneurial and intellectual capital. www.mwcn.org

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VPI is Highlighted on Forbes.com

November 8, 2013

VPI Technology Group was featured in Forbes this month. VPI’s own Jackie Juston met with one of Forbes contributors, Cheryl Conner, and provided first-hand knowledge about how domestic outsourcing works. For companies small and large, hiring a new employee for a specific project requires a long-term investment. The alternative is outsourced engineering. Resources in the form of skilled engineers, an extensive knowledge of various electronic parts, and in-house manufacturing make organizations like VPI Technology Group a one-stop shop for all sorts of product concepts.

One of the big advantages to hiring one of these firms is reputation. As a contract engineering firm, VPI works with a wide variety of products. With each successful product completion, the company becomes a knowledgeable, trusted partner that can give investors a measure of security in backing new ventures. Another major advantage to domestic outsourcing is gaining access to a variety of specialized skills. Each project that VPI completes is touched by several engineers based on their areas of expertise.

So, as Cheryl states in her article, ‘all you really need is…an idea.’ You can find more information in the Forbes article.

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At VPI, we work on exciting projects and new technology. Our engineers are challenged to stay current to meet the needs of our clients.

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