Meet Derek and Enoch

Meet Derek and Enoch, both engineers at VPI Technology Group. A day in the office for them may seem like a day in the office for any other engineer, but spend a few days with them and you’ll see what makes their jobs exciting.


Derek started working for VPI in 2015. Not long after he started, he was given the opportunity to go to China to inspect tools for injected plastic molding. He said that even though the task was new to him, it gave him the opportunity to learn and gain additional technical skills. When asked to describe his work, Derek said, “I love the challenge that VPI gives you. It’s not an easy job, but it’s a job that will benefit you and advance your career.”

VPI is a company of doers. We do what it takes to get the job done, but we’re also made up of good, all-around people. Derek said, “I’m friends with just about everybody here. I can talk to anybody, even the managers … they’re always willing to give positive and good feedback.”

Derek said that because of the opportunities provided through VPI, “You’ll be hard pressed to find a better company to advance your engineering career. There are very few companies that will allow you to do so much, and to do so much so quickly.”

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Enoch started working for VPI in 2015. He said that he enjoys working here because he gets to do what he studied in college. VPI employs a wide variety of engineers and produces a wide variety of projects, so applying what you studied in college while working here is a real possibility.

While at work, Enoch talks with customers, helps draft proposals, works on the firmware for projects and is involved in their final production. He said, “I quite commonly will work on three, unrelated projects in one day.”

The challenge of working at VPI may seem daunting to some, but we work together as a team. “Here at VPI, everyone goes through a trial by fire, but we try to make sure that they have a fireproof suit,” Enoch said.

To potential VPI employees he said, “Be ready for it. Be ready to be challenged. Be ready to learn something new.”

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