What is an embedded system?

An embedded system is a computer system with a specific task. Sometimes an embedded system is a standalone system or part of a larger, more complex system. Embedded systems are designed to perform a specific task instead of a vide variety of tasks like those done with a personal computer. The code for the devices is firmware rather than software and is stored in ROM (read-only memory) on the device itself, usually in the microprocessor's onboard memory.

VPI's Emmbedded Systems

VPI has designed and developed hundreds of embedded systems over the years. Ranging from single boards which are all on their own to boards which are integrated into a larger system to entire systems comprised of multiple boards and thousands of components. VPI Embedded has designed embedded systems for medical, homelad security, government, commercial, entertainment, aerospace, and industrial applications. It is a full service embedded systems engineering house. VPI designs and develops embedded systems on a project/contract basis.

Why outsource to VPI Embedded?

  1. We can fill the expertise gap. If your organization does not have an engineering team or your engineers don't have expertise in areas critical to your project's success, we'll meet those needs and fill in the expertise gaps.
  2. Our engineering team is ready to go. When your project's timeline is tight and hiring resources or pulling them from other teams will take too much time, we can step in and get going on your project right away.
  3. We help you reduce risk for your project. Our engineers have the experience developing embedded systems that gives your project a greater chance for success.
  4. Quality Documentation. Documentation is a critical part of the engineering process to ensure that designs are well understood by engineers, maintainable by technical support personnel, and repeatable in production. VPI maintains one of the most efficient and highest quality design and manufacturing documentation systems in the industry. If you are looking to establish a patent on your ideas and products, our level of documentation is ideal.

When engineering your project, VPI Embedded uses an approach that reduces the amount of time and effort required to complete a project. We have developed a tool set that gives your project a head start. These tools include:

  • Hardware designs
  • Libraries
  • Processes and policies for verification and validation
  • Efficient approach in developing embedded systems lowers development risks
  • Experienced approach to developing most 8/16/32-bit systems

To learn more about VPI's embedded systems capabilities, visit www.vpiembedded.com