Mechanical Analysis

What types of analysis are available through mechanical engineers?

Some designs can be analyzed using simple formulas. Others require detailed analysis, simulation, and testing. VPI Engineering conducts static, dynamic (drop, shock and vibration), and thermal analyses, simulations and testing. The results of which allow our Engineers to create designs that will hold up to the needs of our customers.

Static and Dynamic simulations are performed using finite element analysis (FEA). This process takes into account the physical characteristics of the design, the materials used, and the environment and loading related to normal use.

Thermal analysis is conducted using FEA and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. These simulations allow our engineers to determine how heat impacts the design, how it is transferred within the design, and how the design is affected by internal and external fluids, such as flowing air or water.

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Thermal analysis of a mechanical system designed by VPI.

Mechanical Engineering