What is Firmware?

Firmware bridges the gap between software and hardware (thus the name firmware), it is the control program for the device. In some cases it is the only thing on your device that tells it what to do in others, like a personal computer, it connects the hardware to the operating system. Errors like the famous blue screen of death are often caused by a software and firmware failing to interact correctly. Firmware consists of persistant, read-only memory and the code and data stored on it. It is often found in embedded systems but is also used in large and complex systems like personal computers (BIOS). Firmware is stored in non-volatile memory, like ROM, EPROM or flash memory.

Does my product need Firmware?

Short answer, yes. There are exceptions, but a surprising amount of electronic devices require firmware, from a double decker plane to the mouse that is in your hand, they all require firmware to run.

VPI's Firmware Design Services

VPI provides full turnkey product design from concept to manufacturing. A major part of turnkey product design is firmware design and development. VPI has developed firmware for a wide variety of products including rf transceivers, robotic devices, wireless and wired keyboards, remote controls, (INSERT INTERESTING PROJECTS HERE).

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