What is Mechanical Enginreering?

Mechanical engineering is a field that requires expertise in many other fields including pyisics and materials science. It applies these fields as well as mechinics, thermodynamics, kinematics and structure analysis to analyze and design enclosures, mechanisma, manufacturing equipment, machinery, industrial equipment and more.

VPI's Mechanical Engineering Design Services

Many of the electronic products that VPI designs and manufactures require mechanical design. VPI's team of mechanical engineers have experience designing a wide rande of products from simple enclosures to keyboards with many moving parts. They can design you a new product from scratch or modify your existing design. As part of a full turnkey product design service, VPI's mechanical designs are optimized for functionality and manufacturability. You can choose to have VPI manufacture your product or have them support your by working with your manufacturer in order to create the best manufacturing experience.

Testing is always a key part of product design and development. This is why VPI will develop mechanical requirements and create prototypes from the 3D CAD layout design in order to perform testing and design verification. VPI will test the enclosure design and mechanism design as well as perform thermal analysis and stress analysis. VPI can also provide tooling support for additional customization to your industrial design and mechanical design.

To learn more about VPI's mechanical design services, visit www.vpiengineering.com