PCB Design

The complex process of printed circuit board (PCB) design is greatly aided by working with professionals with years of design expertise, who keep up with the lastest design trends, best practices, and software.

We offer professional PCB envelope design and PCB layout services. You'll benefit from our comprehensive design review process and robust expertise designing PCBs for a wide variety of industries and technologies.

Every PCB we design is optimized for cost, manufacturability, and reliability from the start. We help you make informed decisions throughout the layout process and help you find the best and most current manufacturing technology to fit your unique demands. By leveraging our diverse resources, we can deliver solutions to meet your budget.

Engineering Capabilities

We strive to make the PCB design process collaborative and to be transparent with our clients.

Altium Users Group

We sponsor the Utah Altium Users Group. There is no charge to join our group and participate in our semi-annual meetings. We specialize in Altium Designer software and benefit from using it. We also help other engineers learn more about the program. Find our more about the Altium Users Group on LinkedIn.

  • Rigid, Rigid-flex, Flex and Semi-flex (Flex-to-install)
  • Design Reviews and Evaluation
  • Prototype and Production
  • Legacy Design Maintenance
  • Component Footprint and Schematic Symbol Creation
  • Setup and Maintenance
  • 3D Modeling
  • Capture
  • Translation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Altium Users Group
  • Individual and Group Coaching