PCB Design

The complex process of printed circuit board (PCB) design is greatly aided by working with professionals with years of design expertise, who keep up with the lastest design trends, best practices, and software.

We offer professional PCB envelope design and PCB layout services. You'll benefit from our comprehensive design review process and robust expertise designing PCBs for a wide variety of industries and technologies.

Every PCB we design is optimized for cost, manufacturability, and reliability from the start. We help you make informed decisions throughout the layout process and help you find the best and most current manufacturing technology to fit your unique demands. By leveraging our diverse resources, we can deliver solutions to meet your budget.

Engineering Capabilities

We strive to make the PCB design process collaborative and to be transparent with our clients.

Our Design Services include:

  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Design Layout
  • Library Development
  • Database Translation
  • Detailed Fabrication and Assembly Drawings
  • Online Tech Support and Training

Meet Our Design Team

For additional information on VPI's PCB services click here.

We have extensive experience with:

  • RF Design
  • Rigid/Flex Circuit Design
  • EMI Protection
  • High-speed Signal Design
  • Differential Impedance Control
  • Fine Pitch BGA Layout
  • Blind and Buried Micro Vias
  • High Current/Voltage Designs
  • Sensitive Analog Circuits
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Design for Testability
  • 3D Modeling

Altium Users Group

VPI sponsors the Utah Altium Users Group where we meet semi-annually with Altium application engineers to learn new tips and tricks of the software. At VPI, we specialize in Altium Designer and like to help other engineers and PCB designers learn to use it more effectively. Meeting attendance is free of charge and lunch is provided. Find out more about our Altium Users Group on LinkedIn.

Contact kellyw@vpitech.com to get announcements for upcoming meetings.

  • Rigid, Rigid-flex, Flex and Semi-flex (Flex-to-install)
  • Design Reviews and Evaluation
  • Prototype and Production
  • Legacy Design Maintenance
  • Component Footprint and Schematic Symbol Creation
  • Setup and Maintenance
  • 3D Modeling
  • Capture
  • Translation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Altium Users Group
  • Individual and Group Coaching

What Our Valued Customers Say About Us

"I've used VPI for layout consulting as well as for mentoring on using various modules in our CAD tool. They are always responsive and are a pleasure to work with. I trust their expertise and follow through. If I have a need arise they are first on my list!" - Fortem Technologies

"VPI is great to work with, knows their stuff, and goes out of their way to help us hit our deadlines!" - Kinestral Technologies, Inc.

“Core Innovation and its affiliates have worked with Kelly Wigington and the VPI Tech team for many years, developing dozens of iterations of specially designed printed circuits for Core’s advanced motors and controllers. Kelly and VPI have gone above and beyond the norm to create efficient and cost-effective methods to layout and design the unique circuits required for the Core Innovation technologies. For quick turn and mass-production circuits, whether in the US or abroad, VPI Technology Group is top notch and the Core Innovation team and I wholeheartedly encourage parties to reach out to them for any of their PCB requirements.” - Core Innovation

“VPI has been great to work with, they took on my project to design a real PCB from my schematic. On top of going over the little details, they did additional engineering to determine that our device functions reliably.” - Integrated Engineering

" VPI is a great resource for PCB design services. The characteristic that really makes VPI stand out from the crowd is their level of knowledge of the design tools they use. On a recent project, their expertise in understanding and using software features allowed for a reduction of about 2 man weeks of schematic entry labor. VPI provides a quality product with real experts that can help you optimize your PCB designs." - Utah Scientific