What is a Turnkey Product?

A turnkey product is a product that is designed and developed in order to be 100% usable by the customer immediately upon completion. A contractor who creates a turnkey product is responsible for creating the majority of the design and developing a product that is ready to bring to market upon completion. For the contractor (VPI) the term "Turnkey" represents their responsibilities when it comes to design and development of the product.

VPI's Turnkey Product Design

Since 1996, VPI Technology Group has been creating turnkey products for its customers. Leveraging engineering experience from a team of over 30 engineers, VPI has been able to design, develop, prototype and manufacture many of the products you see on the shelves of stores worldwide. VPI's customers include some of the most successful companies in the electronics industry as well as many startup companies eager to get their first product to market.

Utilizing this expertise, VPI is able to take products from initial concept, through design and development and manufacturing. VPI's 6 divisions, engineering, rf, pcb, embedded, strategic sourcing and manufacturing can all come in to play when developing advanced products. VPI is a one-stop-shop for turnkey product development and electronics design services.

VPI understands that the decision to outsource the design and development of a turnkey product is a big one. This is why we have stringent quality control processes which in many cases exceed ISO9001:2008 requirements and are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

**Processes and procedures for design and development** (QA extend throughout the full development lifecycle, not just manufacturing)

At the end of the design phase of a turnkey product development, VPI compiles a product design package (PDP) for its customers. The PDP contains (where applicable) both electronic and paper copies of the System Specification, final designs of the overall system, final designs and/or specifications of each component, and testing/verification reports. This also includes all schematics, PCB assembly drawings, source code and bill of materials. The PDP provides documentation for the manufacturing and testing of the systems developed.

Whether your company wants to outsource all or part of the development of its turnkey product, VPI is there for you, delivering uncompromising quality time and time again.

To learn more about VPI's turnkey product design capabilities, visit www.vpiengineering.com