Certification and Testing

Trying to keep up with the latest requirements for FCC, CE, UL, IC, and other electronics certifications could take up a lot of your time. So don't. That's why we are here. VPI Laboratories' staff know the current regulatory standards and will test your product to verify that it is in compliance.

We are accredited through the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) to ISO 17025 standards, which means we can perform compliance testing to domestic and international standards. We have over 40 years of experience.

Before you get too far down this page, you should know that our testing facilities are for electronics based products. We test them to make sure that they don't emit signals that could interfere with other electronics. We also do testing that verifies that products won't fail because of signals emitted by other electronics and that they are safe to use. For clients that need environmental testing, we offer temperature, humidity, drop, shock, and vibration testing

Most of our testing is done for products in the following industries, but if you're not sure if your product fits into one of these categories, please call and consult with us.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wireless/RF Devices
  • Information Technology
  • Audio/Video
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Controls

Our testing covers current standards, but we can also check into upcoming standards.

Testing Services

Our electronic testing services fit into five main categories Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (including 5GHz DFS testing), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), Environmental, and Safety testing. We can also manage testing for Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR) requirements.

Regulatory Standards

We perform tests to satisfy the following three main regulatory standards: Federal Communications Commision (FCC), Conformité Européene (CE), and Industry Canada (IC).

Testing Facilities

You may be wondering, "Why can't I test my own product?" In some circumstances you probably could, but you'd have to acquire all of the equipment and become accredited and learn how and … it most likely would be more of a hindrance than it's worth.

VPI Laboratories operates out of two facilities. We perform immunity and pre-compliance testing at our facility in Draper, Utah. Formal EMI/EMC testing is performed at an Open Area Test Site (OATS) near Wanship, Utah. The Wanship Facility is in a location that experiences minimal signals from external emitters like cellular towers that might interfere with the testing.