When our engineers get super excited about the customer’s product after having spent countless hours helping create, design, and develop it here at VPI—these are the results: 

  • fully invested in seeing the product’s success,
  • willingness to share and promote the product,
  • a great sense of accomplishment knowing the product will benefit others (and in this case, the earth too!)

blip energy believes everyone deserves access to energy storage, so they built a smart battery that works in any home. blipOne provides 2.2KWh of backup power (enough to power a refrigerator for 24-36 hours, or a modem, router, and laptop for a week) and can provide electric bill savings by charging when electricity is cheap and powering devices when electricity is expensive.

~As John Oliver (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) highlighted recently (and discussed throughout UN climate change conference COP26) – widespread electrification is needed in order to hit global climate goals – which will put significant strain on our existing grid. Distributed energy storage (batteries) offers one solution to this grid stressor, but home battery products on the market today aren’t accessible to renters (⅓ of U.S. households), residents of multi-unit buildings, and many homeowners. ~