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Electronic Design and Engineering Services

VPI has designed and engineered many types of products for many industries and markets. Some of the industries and markets include:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Government and Military Systems
  • Education Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Imager and Camera Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Systems

Examples of past projects completed by VPI are listed below.

Bar Code Readers. VPI has assisted a customer with designing many generations of imager-based bar code readers starting in 1998 until the present.

Education Audio Equipment. VPI designed an audio system that includes intercom, paging, class bells, a safety alert system, and in-room teacher voice amplification capabilities.

Consumer Scrapbooking Cutter. VPI designed a few versions of products used by scrapbookers to create customer shapes and letters from paper and other materials.

Cancer Detection System. This system uses sensors to detect potential cancer after a reagent chemical is added to a sample.

Commercial Ship Tracking System. From aboard the International Space Station, a system designed by VPI can locate and track commercial ships by receiving and mapping collision-avoidance signals coming from commercial vessels and provide a global view of all commercial ships.

Power Systems. VPI has designed backup power systems and power supplies for multiple customers.

Consumer Products. VPI has designed music/MP3/MP4 players, video/image projector systems, cameras, house plant moisture sensors, and wearable devices for the elderly.

Medical Analysis and Diagnostics. Products that analyze blood, urine, tissue, skin, and saliva samples using a variety of sensors have been engineered by VPI.

Safety-Critical Systems. Monitoring systems that provide critical protection for preserving life have been created by VPI.

Security Systems. Systems that protect against unwanted intrusion, trespassing, or theft using many types of sensors have been prototyped and created by VPI.

Tracking Systems. Products that track the location of products, shipments, pets, and people have been created by VPI.

Mining, Oil, Gas Systems. VPI has designed multiple products that assist companies in solving challenges in the mining, oil, and gas industries.

Government and Military Systems. Sensor-based systems, radiation detection systems, chemical identification systems, solar simulators, data recorders, inspection systems, electric vehicle systems, motor control systems, robotic systems, security systems, and targeting systems have been designed and delivered by VPI.