Design for Manufacturing

Manufacturing engineering at VPI is an integral part of our ability to develop products from concept to production.

We work within the vertical of product development and can perform the process from start to finish. This mentality permeates our engineering and development efforts. Our engineers are focused on creating products that are compatible with state-of-the art testing and manufacturing techniques.

We win when you win. We have a manufacturing facility and if you decide to manufacture with us, the easier and more cost effective it is to manufacture your product the better it is for us and you.

Some designs are easier to manufacture using certain manufacturing methods than others. Our engineers can design components that can be manufactured using your preferred method, or suggest the best method for manufacturing your device.

Not only can VPI help you with your engineering needs, we can also help you transition into manufacturing. Contact our manufacturing group today.

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Customized Tranceiver  

"Design for manufacturability (DFM) is the process of proactively designing products to (1) optimize all the manufacturing functions: fabrication, assembly, test, procurement, shipping, delivery, service, and repair, and (2) assure the best cost, quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, safety, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction."1