Battery Powered Design

How do I create a battery powered device?

The general process for developing electronics can be found on the VPI homepage. The suggestions below are attributes of successful battery powered devices.

Rugged Design

Each electronic device will face certain environmental factors, such as humidity, dust, heat, cold, or sand. Successful systems are designed to withstand their environment.

For example, we design high reliability systems with low failure rates for commercial and military grade battery systems, which require rugged designs that will continue to function in extreme conditions.

Power Optimization

Power optimized designs incorporate power management systems to help them conserve battery life for as long as possible. This means that power is selectively supplied to areas of the system that need power at the time. This design strategy is sometimes called low power consumption design or ultra-low power consumption design.1

VPI designed an iPad case/keyboard for Zagg that can be used for over a year on one charge.

Battery Charging/Recharging Circuit Designs

When designing a battery powered device, generally a charging system also has to be in the plan. Depending on each product's battery type needs, an efficient and fast charging circuit/charging station will be created to fit the battery and the product design's criteria.

Various Batteries

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