IOT Systems Connection

How are IoT systems connected?


Networking may seem like something you do at a trade show, but in this case we are talking about networking between electronic devices. This is a process used by IOT devices.

Networking Systems

Networked systems can be connected through Ethernet or wirelessly, much like a computer's connection to the internet. VPI Engineering designs networking systems that give the end user a more efficient experience than if each device operated individually. Connected devices can be useful for IoT applications like smart home systems, sprinkler controllers, and security monitoring systems.

VOIP Systems

(Voice over Internet Protocol) (VoIP) makes it possible to talk like you would over traditional phone lines, but through an Internet connection. Making a call over the Internet requires converting analog signals from your voice to digital signals.1

One project completed by VPI enabled companies to record multiple calls for quality assurance.

Thermal analysis of a mechanical system designed by VPI.

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