Recruiting an experienced engineering staff and acquiring all of the tools and facilities for product development can be challenging and expensive. If you don't have an engineering team, or your team could use a little help, recruit our cutting-edge team of engineers to help finalize your project.

We develop consumer, commercial, medical, government, and military products and systems. If you need help developing a concept into a manufactured product, or just need us to work on problems that you are experiencing with your mostly or completely developed product/system, we have the capabilities to support you and your team with our US-based engineers. We have quick turnaround times and can be flexible in our approach to each project.

We are certified to ISO:9001:2015 quality standards, which means we use rigorous engineering practices to design, prototype, test, and deliver new technology.

Collaboration between our team members is an important part of the product development process.

Electrical Engineering

We focus on electrical engineering for electronics (electronics engineering), which includes embedded systems design, radio frequency (RF) design, printed circuit board (PCB) design, and low-voltage power systems design.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design automation systems, actuation mechanisms, device housings, and internal structures for hand-held products. They are responsible for designing products that are easy to prototype, test, manufacture, and use. We are ready to transform your concept into reality through advanced 3D modeling, system analysis, and innovative design.

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Software Engineering

Software directs the functions of electronic products and systems, making software engineering services a vital part of our complete electronic design services offering.

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Embedded Systems Design

Many electronic devices do not need high-level software operating systems like those found on smartphones or personal computers. Instead they run on a different type of programming called firmware. Firmware engineering is an integral part of embedded systems design.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

We design PCB's using the latest design software and techniques. Our PCB design team has many years of experience working with hundreds of clients.

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Radio Frequency Design

Radio Frequency (RF) design, sometimes called wireless design, is incorporated into many products and systems, from cellular devices to remote controls.

Every project has different requirements. Our goal is to use the best components for each application. We can either design new, custom radios, or integrate off-the-shelf modules into our designs.

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Design for Manufacturing

Good manufacturing experiences start before actual manufacturing occurs. We engineer products that are compatible with proven and/or cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. We integrate design services with proven, high-yield manufacturing processes to make your product’s transition from prototype to manufacturing as smooth as possible.

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Benefits of Contracting with VPI

  1. Access to our team’s years of experience. If you don’t have an engineering team or your engineers don’t have expertise in areas critical to your project’s success, we’ll meet those needs and fill in the experience gaps.
  2. You won’t have to scale your engineering team. When your project’s time-line is tight and hiring resources or pulling them from other teams will take too much time, we can step in and get going on your project right away.
  3. Your project will become less risky. Our engineers are experienced embedded systems developers. They give your project a greater chance for success.
  4. You will receive quality documentation. Quality documentation is a critical part of the engineering process because it ensures that designs are well understood by engineers, maintainable by technical support personnel, and repeatable in production. VPI maintains one of the most efficient and highest quality design and manufacturing documentation systems in the industry. If you are looking to establish a patent on your ideas and products, our level of documentation is ideal.
  5. We implement a Toolset Design Approach. We've developed a toolset that gives your project a head start including:
    • Hardware designs
    • Libraries
    • Processes and policies for verification and validation
    • Efficient approach in developing embedded systems lowers development risks
    • Experienced approach to developing 8/16/32-bit systems