Mechanical Engineering

You can tell a lot about a product by the way it feels the first time you pick it up. End users interact heavily with the mechanical aspects of electronics, especially handheld electronics, making mechanical engineering a key component of our electronic design services. We also offer mechanical engineering services for purely mechanical designs.

We provide our clients with mechanical analysis, mechanical system design, optical system design, robotics design, hydraulic and pneumatic system design, parts/component design, and prototype design and production.

Our goal is to design testable, reliable, manufacturable products, using advanced 3D modeling, system analysis, and innovative design. Our purpose is to solve mechanical problems for our clients and help them on their way to success.

Our engineers are familiar with proven and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and strive to design products that can be easily manufactured.

We use Solidworks software as our main mechanical engineering platform.

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Thermal analysis of a mechanical system designed by VPI.

Mechanical Engineering