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Electronic Product Development Feasibility Studies

Product development feasibility studies provide beneficial analysis along with qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure that a project can be completed to its design specifications. At VPI, we offer direct software and electronic product design consultation services including prototyping, development, and testing. Our feasibility study and testing services help our customers save time and avoid unnecessary costs associated with their product designs.

Check out our product design and development approach and electronic product development page for more information on our software and electronic product feasibility study capabilities, or give us a call at 801-495-2310. VPI’s feasibility studies are designed to verify your design process, saving time and costs associated with product redesign.

Feasibility Study Advantages

Whether you are looking to develop new products, enhance existing product designs, or improve manufacturing processes, a feasibility analysis reduces the number of unknowns leading up to manufacturing and product launches. VPI will work with you to reduce the risks during new product development or existing product refinement, allowing us to identify and resolve problems early in the development process. Our electronic product development team of experts can provide a feasibility study that addresses the following parameters:

• Risk reduction during product development
• Assess product viability
• Technology readiness levels (TRL)
• Technology and platform comparisons
• Establish technical specifications
• Estimate product development costs and coordinate project timelines

Why Utilize a Feasibility Study for Electronic Product Development?

Feasibility studies are very valuable for companies that are working to determine the viability, risks, and costs of a new product development effort. These studies can provide confidence on a go/no go decision for moving forward with the new product development.

Feasibility Studies for Mechanical, Electrical, & Software Engineering

Feasibility studies for developing and manufacturing an electronic product provide an effective way to gauge risk and determine the best course of action for your unique product concept. During a feasibility study, VPI will analyze your product concept from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and firmware engineering perspectives. Our engineers and project managers will then walk you through their findings to review viability, feasibility, and product development options.

Mechanical Engineering Feasibility Analysis

Mechanical engineers at VPI develop prototypes, analyze product designs, and design mechanical systems based on your form, fit, and function requirements for new or redesigned products and systems. Before launching into full product development, VPI’s knowledgeable engineers can work with you to provide a feasibility study that analyzes your product’s specific mechanical needs and the feasibility and viability of that development effort. Items that can be analyzed include:

• Fit: can the electronics fit in the size needed?
• Form: can the industrial design concept be manufactured?
• Materials: can the desired product materials be molded or shaped and mate with other system elements?
• Function: will the desired functions work as you intended within the limitations of your development budget?
• Practicality: will the product concept be understood, and can it be operated by your intended audience or market? • Manufacturability: can your product be mass manufactured in an efficient, cost-effective way?

Electrical Engineering, Firmware Engineering, and Software Engineering Feasibility

Availability of off-the-shelf electrical components within your cost target and the feasibility of meeting product feature requirements are analyzed by our electrical, firmware, and software engineers in feasibility studies. Evaluating the matchup of product features, existing electrical components such as processors and sensors, firmware and software development efforts, timelines, and budgets is a challenge that VPI’s engineers are ready to take on! The effort to establish viability and feasibility before initiating the full product development will provide valuable information needed to make vital decisions about the new product’s future. A feasibility study done by one of VPI’s knowledgeable engineers will take design for manufacturability into account and set your product up for manufacturing success. PCB design and layout and many other electrical engineering capabilities are also taken into consideration during the feasibility study. If your product requires an embedded system, an app, or software that instructs devices how to function, a firmware/software feasibility study provides insights and sets expectations for the product’s design and development journey.

Electronic Product Development Process

At VPI, our electronic product development involves a five-phase development process:
• Phase I – System Design
• Phase II – Prototype Design
• Phase III – Final Design
• Phase IV – Pre-Production
• Phase V – Production

A feasibility study could be considered Phase 0, as it must take place before Phase I in order to assess and determine the best courses of action for a smooth flow through the variants of the five-phase process. The valuable understanding, vision, and direction gained during this feasibility phase flow into VPI’s five-phase process and set up the design and development of the new product for success.

Feasibility of Prototypes for Investors

A working prototype can be very beneficial for those looking to show their product concept to potential investors, stakeholders, or business partners in physical form, rather than a drawing or written idea. A rapid prototype using 3D printing, computing modules such as Raspberry Pi, and open-source code can be developed to show the feasibility of product concepts to these important business partners to establish trust and confidence. These prototypes typically will not be fully functional or have the desired cost target or form factor but are very effective at demonstrating the product concept and viability and securing investment funding. Prototypes and product feasibility studies provide an effective way to save time and money prior to long-term product investments.

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