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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering & Design Services

High-quality electronic engineering and design services can be implemented into all facets of the production of a product’s electrical components. We specialize in rapid product design and development. Our highly experienced engineers can quickly take your product ideas from prototypes to manufacturing.

At VPI, our electronic design experts utilize rigorous engineering standards to design, prototype, test, and deliver electrical systems that match your exact design specifications. With a wide range of electrical engineering services to meet your needs, VPI offers quality electrical engineering solutions for projects ranging from full product development to sub-system design.

If you have specific questions regarding our electronic design and electrical engineering service options, get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your specific requirements.

Complex Design Challenges?

Many of our clients have experienced significant design challenges and setbacks during the product development process. One major hurdle that can be especially challenging is passing regulatory testing requirements. Since VPI has its own regulatory testing division, VPI Labs, we are very well versed in what it takes to pass FCC, CE, safety, and environmental testing requirements.

VPI provides a wide range of electrical engineering services to meet your needs. Our talented team of electrical engineers provides only the finest electrical engineering solutions in the development of your new or redesigned products.


Pre-scans – Save Your Product from Costly Redesigns

Avoid costly schedule delays and redesign efforts by working with VPI to do a pre-scan of your prototypes. It is better to be prepared for regulatory testing by doing an initial pre-scan to find any spurious emissions coming off your printed circuit board than to wait until the design is finalized and you are ready to go into production, but the last step is to get your product tested for FCC regulatory compliance.


Is Your Product an Unintentional Radiator?

If your product unintentionally radiates or emits frequencies that disrupt and interfere with other electronic devices such as pacemakers, your company could be liable for the issues those radiated emissions can cause. If a complaint is filed against your company, you could face stiff penalties. The FCC regulates the operation of electronics that both intentionally radiate radio frequency signals (think Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and unintentional radio signals. Performing a pre-scan on your electronics while it is still in a prototype stage can save you significant time with redesign efforts just when you are ready to go into production. Let us help you implement mitigation strategies to minimize your product’s unintentional radiation to ensure that your product meets FCC unintentional radiator regulations when it comes time to do the full FCC testing.

Is Your Product Intentionally Radiating Radio Frequencies?

If your product is intentionally radiating RF or wireless signals, your product’s electrical system may still need to pass both intentional and unintentional radiator emissions testing. Completing a pre-scan of your electronic system while still in a prototype phase can save a lot of grief and headaches of doing major design revisions right as you are kicking off manufacturing efforts.

Electrical Engineering Testing & Design Assistance

If your product fails to pass either a pre-scan or full FCC emissions certification testing, we will work with your team and product to fix the problems that are causing the spurious emissions.

We can also work with your pre-certified product modules. All pre-certified product modules must also pass unintentional signal and radiation testing before they are approved for use.

Prototype not Working as Expected?

Is your prototype or product not functioning as you expected? Is the design process taking too long? Many of VPI’s clients have come to us mid-design. Let VPI take on the difficult challenges and hard problems with your product’s design. We’ve successfully helped many clients get over the finish line – getting products designed, tested, certified, manufactured, and ready to ship to your customers is our expertise.

Design for Manufacturing

Need to reduce the bill of material costs for your product? Evaluation of your design and negotiating with electronic component vendors in the design phase of your project is something VPI can do to save you a significant cost before going into manufacturing. Your product development needs can be met by VPI’s many years of successfully designing electronics-based products and getting them ready for market launch. We take on challenging designs, new product designs, and redesigned or second-generation product development.

Electrical Design Processor & Operating System Options

VPI Engineering has developed systems based on a variety of microprocessors and micro-controllers. View a list of processors and a list of operating systems for which VPI has experience developing systems.

The following lists show some of our electrical engineering capabilities:


Contact VPI Technology for Electrical Engineering & Design Services Today

Contact us for more information regarding our electrical engineering project solutions including PCB design, unintentional radiator emissions testing, and pre-scans, imaging systems, and more. Or request a quote for specific pricing information today. VPI Technology is your trusted source for electrical engineering and design solutions.