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Anechoic Chamber

The outside of the anechoic chamber used for testing at VPI Laboratories

EMI, EMC, and CE Testing Services

Verifying your electronic product is free of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues is the goal of U.S. and international regulatory standards including European Union standards (CE mark). Safe, functional products sell better and are more successful in the marketplace. Testing your products to certify compliance with these standards is mandatory in some countries and can carry heavy penalties in other countries when violations to EMI/EMC and safety standards and injury to customers occur.

VPI understands these standards and can test many different types of commercial/industrial products and equipment for compliance including information technology, audio/video, medical, test & measurement, telecommunications, and industrial control systems and products.

VPI Laboratories is accredited through the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (Lab Code: 100272) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) for testing compliance to many domestic and international standards. With a 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber and two open area test sites (OATS), VPI can test and certify your products and devices being sold in many locations throughout the world.

To learn more about our EMI, EMC, and CE testing services for commercial and industrial applications, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 801-495-2310. VPI is here to advise you with your regulatory testing questions and to conduct EMC/EMI testing and CE Safety testing of your products within our scope of accreditation.

"VPI has been very helpful with our projects, specifically radiated/conducted emissions at Wanship facility and CE susceptibility at Draper. Good experience and reasonable pricing. [We] have already recommended VPI to another company. I typically get a response for scheduling within a few hours."

-Daniel Patten, PerkinElmer Health Sciences

Commercial & Industrial Regulatory Compliance Testing Services

VPI provides testing of products and systems to assess conformity to regulatory requirements in the global market. With over 40 years of experience, our lab, test sites, and resources are equipped to meet many testing requirements. As technology is innovated, regulations change; our knowledge and experience ensure your products are prepared to meet these changes.

Radiated Emissions Testing

  • Intentional Emissions (Transmitters)
    • Examples of this type of testing include products that intentionally use radio frequency (RF) technology like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, 900 MHz, remote control, and wireless communication.
  • Unintentional Emissions
    • If your product contains electronics, it likely will need to be tested to verify if it is unintentionally emitting signals that can disrupt other electronic devices. Often, unintentional radiated signals can be mitigated by ferrite clamps on cables or ferrite beads on printed circuit boards. VPI’s electrical engineers can help with fixing electrical designs that fail unintentional radiator emission testing.

Immunity Testing

Is your product immune to ESD? If someone shuffles their feet on carpet, builds up a static charge, and then touches your electronic product, will it survive the static shock? Did you know that static shocks usually range from 5,000V to 15,000V? Will that type of shock fry the circuits in your product? What about dips in power voltages or brownouts? Can your product survive surges of electricity? VPI can test your product to see how immune it is to harsh electrical conditions. Many of these tests are required to sell your product in the European Union.

  • ESD (Electro-static Discharge)
  • Radiated Susceptibility 
  • Conducted Susceptibility 
  • Surges
  • EFT/Burst
  • Power Frequency Magnetic
  • Voltage Dips & Interruptions

Other Testing Services

  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5GHz testing including DFS / TPC testing
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Medical
  • Full Regulatory Certifications (FCC, IC, CE, etc.)
  • On-site Testing Services
  • Pre-compliance Testing
  • Compliance Review/Planning

Safety Testing

CE Testing

CE stands for Conformité Européenne (French), or European Conformity in English. Most major electronics manufacturers are concerned with the marketing of consumer, commercial, medical, or light industrial products in the European Union (EU). To apply the CE mark, the EU’s directives outline requirements for regulatory compliance for most electronic products.

To satisfy the CE Mark through CE testing, a manufacturer must meet the requirements outlined by the applicable CE Directives such as EMC (2014/30/EU), Low Voltage (2014/35/EU), and/or Radio Equipment (2014/53/EU) Directives. Each directive specifies a set of harmonized standards that the product will be tested to, and passing the testing outlined in the standards demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable CE Directive. CE Directives are organized product categories. The full list of CE Directives can be found here.

Radiated Emissions Testing

VPI Laboratories conducts certification and testing for electronic devices to Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC), Conformité Européene (CE), and UL standards. We focus on three main types of testing: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), including 5GHz Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); and Safety testing. Our Regulatory Compliance Testing Includes:

  • EMC Testing
  • Product Safety Testing
  • European CE Mark

EMC & EMI Testing Services

EMC measurements are required by most governments throughout the world. When a product is designed well, basic EMC principles are applied such as shielding, earthing, and filtering for improved electromagnetic immunity. With the increased use of wireless communications, the potential for interference is also increasing. VPI Laboratories has fully equipped facilities located in Draper, UT, and Wanship, UT; including a 10 by 3-meter open area test site and a 3-meter anechoic chamber, needed to perform the EMC measurements you require.

Anachoic Chamber TestingEMC Testing for Medical, Commercial & Industrial Equipment

Immunity testing for medical devices is especially important since they are some of the most heavily regulated products on the market. At VPI Laboratories, we know the rigorous testing required for medical devices. Commercial electronic products also require immunity testing for regulatory compliance. However, any product sold within Europe requires immunity testing within a specified range. VPI provides immunity testing up to 30,000 volts. Medical devices, commercial products, and electronic industrial equipment must pass stringent testing in highly electrical environments including adverse weather and lightning.

Get in Touch with VPI Laboratories to Discuss Electronic Testing Solutions for Your Product Today

VPI provides conformity assessment services that assist you in complying with regulatory requirements to help your product get to market. With over 40 years of experience, our lab and resources are equipped to meet your testing requirements. As technology is innovated, regulations change; our knowledge and experience help your product’s compliance and certification testing go smoothly. VPI test lab engineers have extensive knowledge in EMC/EMI testing to help guide you through your electronic product testing needs.

VPI has demonstrated its competence to perform regulatory compliance testing by being accredited by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (Lab Code 100272-0).

Contact us to discuss your regulatory compliance needs with one of our experienced engineers.