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VPI Sales Support Resources for Nordic Semiconductor







This page is a curated resource for the Nordic Semiconductor sales organization. VPI provides these materials to support the Nordic sales function in engaging with suspects, leads, prospects and clients to help Nordic win sockets.


VPI Can Help Win Sockets

From slides to answers to questions to complete proposals, VPI will work with you and your contacts to answer questions, collect requirements, and prepare proposals for them, all at no cost.

To get started, please contact Kip Meacham, director, business development at VPI.

If you need something that's not on this page, contact Kip for assistance.


Downloadable Content

08-31-2020 Nordic North American Sales and FAE Training

VPI Introduction Webinar Deck in PDF

VPI Medical Device Technology Services Infosheet in PDF


Collateral to Share with Sales Prospects

About VPI Engineering: Product Development Services Infosheet in PDF

About VPI Laboratories Infosheet in PDF

VPI Manufacturing Infosheet in PDF

About VPI PCB Design Infosheet in PDF


VPI Standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

VPI wants to protect the proprietary information of our prospects, clients and partners. For potential customers who wish to move quickly, VPI's standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement puts those protections in place for both parties. Please freely share this with your prospects and customers. VPI is also willing to use their NDA.

VPI Standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF Form