PCB Design

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Services

With years of experience designing and developing PCBs, we’re the trusted choice for PCB Design Services for companies of all sizes. Whether you need an electrical designs, schematic, PCB layout, prototype, finalized design, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Let us help turn your product concept into a reality.

What is PCB Design?

Bringing your electronic product to life starts with a simple yet powerful tool: the PCB design schematic. This blueprint is like a map that shows the circuit’s functions and how components are connected to one another. 

The team at VPI knows how crucial it is to get this step right before moving onto the PCB layout. With years of experience in electronics engineering, we’ve mastered the art of translating complex ideas into functional schematics that get your product off the ground.

PCB Design Capabilities

Our experienced staff with many years of combined experience in the industry using multiple PCB CAD software packages is ready to tackle your printed circuit board design challenges. We prioritize design for manufacturability and testability, and our 3D modeling software ensures seamless implementation of all design aspects. Here are more of our capabilities for PCB design:

      • Rigid and flexible circuit technologies
      • Custom circuit design
      • EMI protection
      • High-speed signal design
      • Differential impedance control
      • Fine-pitch BGA layout
      • High-current/voltage designs
      • Sensitive analog circuit

VPI PCB design can complete your schematic capture and PCB layout in several different software formats, including Altium Designer, Cadence OrCAD/Allegro, Legacy PCAD, and Eagle (Altium Conversion).

Skip the PCB design delays. Streamline your process with our expert services. Contact us today!

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Effective PCB Design Strategy for Electronic Products

Drawing a schematic is crucial for successful PCB design. Just like building a home, thinking through the schematic before the PCB layout saves time and money.

To ensure proper fit and function, we’ll need to determine the size, mechanical requirements, and component density of the board. Clearance, routing, connectors, and assembly procedures are also critical factors to consider.

Regulatory testing and certification, like FCC Part 15, can be a hurdle that VPI is equipped to help with. Proper EMI protective measures and sufficient layers can reduce redesign issues and costs. Diagnostic connectors and test points should be added for functionality testing, which is critical for verifying each board after assembly. Contact us today to talk through your PCB design strategy.