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Design Engineering

Electronic Design and Engineering Services

Electrical product development and engineering services provide an efficient and innovative way to develop unique electronic products from start to finish. At VPI Technology, we can handle your project’s entire product development and engineering design process. Our expert engineers provide the knowledge and resources to develop custom electronics, engineer PCB design and layout strategies, design attractive housings for your product and produce prototypes of your product that meet your project’s specifications and requirements.

When you need specialized product design and engineering, electronic product design services, additional manpower for a product development team, or just need some extra engineering support for an urgent project, VPI Technology has you covered. As an engineering services firm, VPI offers electrical, wireless or RF, firmware, software, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering expertise to help you along your product development journey.


Contact us for more information regarding our complete turnkey product development and engineering services, including Printed Circuit Board Design. Or call us at 801-495-2310 to get started on your next technology product development. VPI Technology is your trusted source for complete start to finish Electronics Design and Engineering services.

Professional Engineering Services

As a certified ISO:9001:2015 product development and engineering services company, VPI provides both simple and complex Engineering Services. We provide a five-phase development process that focuses on your project’s exact needs including objectives, tasks, and deliverables. This product development process takes your product from a specification to prototypes to production-ready hardware and software. Contact us to learn more about how we can take your product to the next step in your product development journey.

"You've got incredibly talented young engineers [at VPI Technology]. Listen, engineers are a dime a dozen. Engineers with vision and creativity in their ideas and the presentation to get them there, it's just...what a pleasure!"

- Joe Tomlinson, PV Solutions


Electronic Design Services

The core offering of VPI Technology Group is Electronic Design Services (EDS). We design electronics-based products for our clients. If your product requirements include electronics, we can design it. Our electrical engineering and design experts provide full turnkey services for the following industries:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Government and Military Systems
  • Education Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Imager and Camera Systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Systems

Electrical Engineering

VPI can design electrical systems for a broad and diverse range of products. We design efficient electrical systems that can cut your product's costs. VPI develops electrical systems with the success of your new product in mind. VPI has helped many clients bring new technologies and updated product designs from concept to manufactured products.

PCB Design

VPI’s PCB design specialists are experts in Altium Designer software. We also have experience translating between most popular data formats as you may require. From simple two-layer boards to complex multi-layer printed circuit boards with blind and buried vias, we have the capability to design PCBs that meet your requirements.

Software/Firmware Engineering

Developing new high-tech products requires software to instruct devices on how to function. This low-level interaction at the hardware level that is unseen by the user is typically referred to as firmware. VPI develops both firmware and software. VPI is dedicated to meeting your exacting and time-sensitive software and firmware engineering needs through proven processes and rigorous testing.

Radio Frequency and Wireless Engineering

VPI offers customized Radio Frequency (RF) design services for clients in commercial, industrial, government, and military applications. VPI has enabled many products with wireless communication capabilities by designing new, custom radios/modems into product designs and integrating off-the-shelf modules with existing products. Are you ready to join the IoT (Internet of Things) world by adding Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities to your product? We can help you get there.

Mechanical Engineering

At VPI Technology, we engineer products for proven and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. We also reduce errors and expedite your time to market by employing our rapid prototyping and development skills. VPI’s mechanical engineers understand how to transform your visions to reality through advanced 3D modeling, system analysis, and innovative design.

Manufacturing Engineering

We incorporate manufacturing engineering during the design and engineering stage of a new product. Implementing strategies, analysis, and processes used by manufacturing engineers during the product’s design stage increases the efficiency of both assembly time and manufacturing costs.

Electronic Product Development and Engineering Service Applications

VPI Engineering offers a wide range of professional engineering services for developing electronics-based systems or products and mechanical systems or products. Over the years our experts have developed many types of products for a wide range of industries and markets. Some examples of these products include the following:

  • Bar code readers
  • Government and military systems
  • Cancer detection systems
  • Medical analysis and diagnostics
  • Consumer products
  • Security systems
  • Power management and battery systems
  • Commercial ship tracking
  • Mining, oil, and gas asset monitoring systems
  • Safety-critical systems

Contact VPI Technology for Electronic Product Development & Product Engineering Services Today

Contact us for more information regarding our advanced new technology and product development and PCB Design services or Request a Quote for cost and time estimates today. VPI Technology is your premier resource for high-quality Electronic Product Development and Product Engineering Design services.