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Schematic circuit drawing

Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB)

Printed circuit board designs start with a schematic. A PCB design schematic can be described as a circuit diagram or the functional diagram of electronic circuits.  Symbols are used to represent components and show how they are connected electrically.  This graphical representation of the electronic circuit is created before the actual design layout of the circuit.  When the schematic is approved for proper design functionality, the PCB layout can begin.

VPI Technology offers  PCB design layout services by US-based in-house PCB designers who have a great depth of experience.  They can take your schematic and create quality PCB design layouts. Alternatively, our engineering staff can create schematics and electrical designs based on your system or product requirements. 

Contact us for more information regarding our PCB layout and printed circuit board design services or call us at 801-260-4065 to get started on your next PCB design project. VPI Technology is your trusted source for complete turnkey PCB design, layout, prototype, and manufacturing services.

Are You Designing a New Product and Need a PCB?

Many companies have trusted VPI to design and develop their new electronics products that require a PCB. From your product specifications, VPI can create electrical designs, schematics, PCB layouts, prototypes, finalized designs, and help you get your new product from concept to a manufactured product on the market. Find out more about how we go about designing new electronics here.

Creating an Effective PCB Design Strategy

Drawing up a schematic is an important step in the early stages of an electronic product’s development.  Knowing what the various components and interconnects are and how they are linked to each other helps to then create a successful PCB layout and working design.

Creating a PCB design without a schematic can be done, however, it is not recommended.  If you think of the schematic as the blueprint for your home, and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) as the home construction, you will understand that properly thinking through the schematic creation before completing your PCB layout will save time and money.

It is also important to determine the appropriate size and mechanical requirements of the printed circuit board as well as the component density so that the electronic circuits can fit comfortably within the available board area. Consideration must be given to clearance of the tallest components, routing of internal cable harnesses and wires, strategic location of connectors, and of course, assembly procedures. Our 3D modeling software will help mitigate problems that may arise if those items are not carefully considered and implemented in the PCB design.

One common challenge electrical engineers have is passing regulatory testing and certification such as FCC Part 15. Providing adequate ground planes and sufficient layers for your board along with other EMI protective measures can reduce redesign issues and expensive fabrication costs.

Adding test points and diagnostic connectors for testing the functionality of your PCB also must be considered in the design process. These measures will aid in verifying each board as it comes off the assembly line.

Experienced PCB Design Team

VPI’s experienced team of PCB designers and engineers provides the resources that you need to take your printed circuit board design project to the next level. Kelly Wigington, the director of our PCB Design Team has more than 30 years of PCB layout and design experience. Additionally, all of our team members are IPC certified, providing the highest quality design integrity to your PCB project.

For an estimate on your next PCB design project, fill out our PCB layout and design form and one of our experienced Printed Circuit Board Design team members will reach out to you in a timely manner.

PCB Design & Layout Services

VPI’s PCB design specialists are experts in Altium Designer and Cadence Allegro software. However, we also support other legacy formats (listed below). We have experience translating between most popular data formats as you may require. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may best fulfill your PCB Layout and Design needs.

PCB Software Capabilities

VPI PCB Design can complete your schematic capture and PCB layout in several different software formats including:

  • Altium Designer
  • Cadence OrCAD/Allegro
  • Legacy PCAD
  • Eagle (Altium Conversion)


PCB Design Capabilities with Extensive Design Experience

VPI PCB Design is a premier provider of PCB layout and design services. With our staff having over 60 combined years of experience in the PCB design and layout industry, we are well prepared to undertake your printed circuit board design challenges. Ranging from simple to complex, we have experience designing many types of circuit boards.

  • Rigid and flexible circuit technologies
  • Custom circuit design
  • EMI protection
  • High-speed signal design
  • Differential impedance control
  • Fine pitch BGA layout
  • High current/voltage designs
  • Sensitive analog circuits
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for testability
  • 3D Modeling

Contact VPI Technology for PCB Layout & Design Services Today

Contact us for more information regarding our state-of-the-art Printed Circuit Board Design services or Request a Quote for direct pricing information today. VPI Technology is your premier resource for quality PCB design services, including Altium and Cadence PCB design formats.