Prototype Development Services

Electronic Prototyping Services

We specialize in creating electronic product prototypes that showcase your concept in physical form. Prototyping streamlines the design and development process by identifying problem areas and establishing an increased understanding of product requirements.

Our process uses carefully selected, high-quality components that are both economical and readily available, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process. And with our expertise in 3D printing, CNC milling, and injection molding, we can design elements that are easy and efficient to produce using the latest techniques and technologies. 

Prototype Development for Successful Product Market Implementation

A simple yet working prototype can be very beneficial for those looking to present a product concept to potential investors, stakeholders, or business partners in physical form, rather than a drawing or written idea. Whether it’s electronic prototypes for industrial hardware, medical devices, or consumer products, VPI’s design, development, and testing services accelerate a product’s path to production. Along with saving time, building a prototype helps formulate and identify design direction, helping to reduce costs before production and market release.

Advantages to Building a Prototype

Custom prototype engineering, design, and development services provide the foundation for successful product manufacturing and marketplace implementation. The most valuable benefits to building a prototype include:

  •  Streamlines the design and development process
  • Provides a tangible 3D representation and initial electronic functionality of the product
  • Identifies problem areas
  • Quickly identifies missing advantageous functionality
  • New requirements can more easily be implemented during the initial design and prototype phase
  • Establishes an increased understanding of product requirement
Prototype Build Requirements

The only conditions for building a successful prototype are achievable goals and a high-level description of your product; our elite product design and development teams handle the rest. For more information regarding custom prototype design services, utilize our convenient electronic design and engineering services quote request form.

Review our feasibility studies page to learn more about beneficial analysis, including qualitative and quantitative measures that ensure a project can be completed to its required specifications.

Prototyping Material and Component Consideration

Whether it’s for a prototype’s internal parts or outer housing structure, VPI utilizes materials and components that most feasibly match the final product’s specifications to design, engineer, and construct a prototype. For example, we will work with you to utilize materials that withstand extended temperature ranges in indoor and outdoor environments. We also strive to use electronic components that are close to what will go into final production systems to get your product to market more quickly. An example of some of the different types of materials that we use in a prototype build include:

Prototype Internal Component

  • Printed circuit boards (PCB) with surface mount parts (final production representative where practical)
  • Battery compartments or other power supply components
  • Thermal cooling components as needed

Prototype Housing Materials

  • 3D printed housings from plastic/various resins
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast metal
  • Alloys 
  • Carbon fiber 
  • Rubber overmolds
Design and Engineering Options for Electronic Prototypes

At VPI Technology, we can handle your prototype’s entire product development and engineering design process. Our expert engineers provide the knowledge and resources to develop custom electronic products that are designed to your exact specifications. Our electronic product prototyping capabilities work with anything that has:

  • Printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Batteries
  • LCDs/Screens 
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Post-Prototyping: Final Design, Testing, and Certification

Once the prototyping phase of the product build has been completed, the design must be finalized and prepared for manufacturing. As part of the design finalization, VPI will complete prototype bug fixes, evaluate the prototype against design and functional requirements, and make changes based on customer feedback.

Elements Incorporated into Post-Prototyping
  • Updates on electrical and firmware designs
  • Updated prototype creation
  • Firmware and software beta tests 
  • Finalization of assembly drawings 
  • Tooling is planned 
  • Design of manufacturing test fixtures (if required)
Preproduction and Manufacturing

After finalizing design testing and certification, preproduction begins. This process includes the assembly of manufacturing fixtures, manufacturing test fixture validation, and documenting a manufacturing process. During this phase, tooling is also close to completion. After procuring system components, a small production run of a limited quantity is completed to validate the manufacturing process. After this manufacturing validation process, the project can move into full-scale manufacturing and mass production.