Specification Development

Setting a Strong Foundation with Specification Development

Before jumping in and producing a prototype, VPI establishes a solid foundation for electronic product development by creating a detailed specification that maps out a system architecture, major system components determined, functions and features identified, and a development path.

Your product’s system specification should contain many details about the system, inputs and outputs to the system, information on the development effort, and system architecture.

Items VPI uses for our clients to develop system specification and architecture include:

      • High-level description of the system
      • Develop use cases and user stories that define how users will interact with your product
      • Map out a system diagram that includes system components, inputs, and outputs
      • Define specific user interface components
      • Define power requirements
      • Define software or app interactions with hardware
      • Define operational environment requirements
      • Determine regulatory requirements
      • Define manufacturing quantities and requirements
      • Calculate a development budget

    Filling out these details may seem like a daunting task. Recording and communicating them will help establish a strong foundation for developing your new technology.  Check out our product requirements guide to help define those details.  VPI is ready to engage with you to develop the system specification for your new product. Call us today to discuss your new product! 801-495-2310

    Product development feasibility studies provide beneficial analysis along with qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure that a project can be completed to its design specifications. At VPI, we offer direct software and electronic product design consultation services including prototyping, development, and testing. Our feasibility study and testing services help our customers save time and avoid unnecessary costs associated with their product designs.

    Concerned about the feasibility?


    Whether you are looking to develop new products, enhance existing product designs, or improve manufacturing processes, a feasibility analysis reduces the number of unknowns leading up to manufacturing and product launches. VPI will work with you to reduce the risks during new product development or existing product refinement, allowing us to identify and resolve problems early in the development process. Our electronic product development team of experts can provide a feasibility study that addresses the following parameters:


    • Risk reduction during product development
    • Assess product viability
    • Technology readiness levels (TRL)
    • Technology and platform comparisons
    • Establish technical specifications
    • Estimate product development costs and coordinate project timelines