Strategic Sourcing

One of the most difficult parts of bringing your product to fruition is sourcing components. You'll have to find suppliers for all of the components and coordinate with them so that all of the pieces end up at the manufacturing facility in time to make your first production run. What will you do if one supplier goes out of business or stops making the part you need? Do you have proper storage facilities? Are you managing long-lead parts appropriately? Sourcing can turn into a serious headache.

We have experienced buyers who already have connections with suppliers. We source parts for a number of products and so we have more power in negotiations than a new company just breaking into the manufacturing scene. Turn your sourcing over to us. You'll only have to work with one company that way. Let us manage the other factors. We can help ease your headache.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Component Analysis and Procurement

  • We manage connections with component companies. We have relationships with many component vendors both domestically and internationally and can often source components from the original manufacturer and offer pricing that is significantly lower than other distribution channels.
  • Our engineering team has experience designing with a wide variety of components. This familiarity enables us to find quality parts quickly, reducing the time needed to get your product to market.
  • We can help analyze your prospective design. VPI offers a technology and component analysis for your product design that focuses on reliability, low cost, and design for manufacturability and testability. We can also evaluate the bill of materials for your product and recommend ways to reduce costs without sacrificing core functionality. Our team can also analyze your schematics design and PCB layout.
  • We offer kitting services and supply chain management. VPI can be your single source for procuring and managing all components used in your product. We coordinate with individual vendors and manage shipping schedules so every component arrives when needed for final assembly in your manufacturing process.

Strategic Sourcing with VPI

VPI Strategic Sourcing can assist in all stages of supply chain management. VPI specializes in parts procurement, component logistics and shipping, kitting, technology and component analysis, electronics design evaluation, PCB design evaluation, electronic design services, and certification and testing.

Part going obsolete?

VPI Strategic Sourcing can help with that too. Our experienced engineers can examine the component's specifications and recommend a suitable cross or replacement part. When a new variant of the part is required, we can analyze the difference between the original component and the new component and assist in changing the design in order to accommodate the new part.