Strategic Sourcing

Are you tired of juggling multiple vendors for your supply chain management needs? VPI Strategic Sourcing offers a range of services, from parts procurement to kitting, technology and component analysis, and more.

Whether you need a new part or need work on one that’s obsolete, our team is here to help.

Component Analysis and Procurement

Component analysis and procurement is important to ensure that the final product is of high quality, meets performance requirements, and is cost-effective. Here’s why you should choose VPI for component analysis and procurement: 

  • Wide network of component vendors: Our relationships with vendors both domestically and internationally allow us to source quality parts at a lower cost than other distribution channels.
  • Experienced engineering team: We have the expertise to quickly find the right components for your product, reducing time to market.
  • Technology and component analysis: We can analyze your prospective design for reliability, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability. We can also evaluate the bill of materials and recommend ways to reduce costs without sacrificing functionality.
  • Kitting and supply chain management: VPI can be your single source for procuring and managing all components used in your product, coordinating with vendors, and managing shipping schedules.

    4 Steps We Follow for Strategic Sourcing

    The team at VPI Strategic Sourcing goes above and beyond to supply you with a quality product. Here are the simple steps we follow:

      1. You tell us about your product.
      2. We’ll review your production plans and requirements.
      3. We go to work with our extensive network that has been proven over time.
      4. You get a quality product at a great price.