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VPI's PCB Design and Layout Team

VPI PCB Design has the experience and resources you need for your printed circuit board layout and design needs.

Senior PCB Designer

Senior PCB Designer

Neil Bodrero brings a wealth of technical knowledge to VPI with over 14 years of PCB experience. He has worked extensively with complex PCB boards in schematic capture and testing, including designing NASA class PCB boards at the Space Dynamics Laboratory. His experience also includes working closely with board manufacturers and design engineers to resolve problems and boost efficiency. Neil has acquired specialized skills in troubleshooting digital and integrated circuits, as well as repairing and maintaining electronic components and systems. The wide knowledge base that Neil has acquired enables him to quickly assess options and come up with the right solution.


Senior PCB Designer

Senior PCB Designer

Joining VPI as a CID+ certified PCB designer, Cindy brings three decades of technical expertise in the deployment, fabrication, and design of circuit boards in a wide range of industries. After working in the PCB fabrication arena for several years, she transitioned to PCB design and CAD library management and has routinely designed reliable, cost-effective designs which meet stringent engineering and compliance requirements, often in fast-paced, time-to-market environments. Her broad knowledge of PCB fabrication, compliance, and DFx principles allows her to provide informed, comprehensive support to engineering teams during all phases of the design cycle, from concept through production.


VPI's Engineering Team

VPI has assembled a team of excellent engineers who have many years of experience designing and developing electronic and mechanical systems. From the diverse backgrounds of our engineers working on many types of projects, VPI is able to offer a wealth of talent and skills to your projects, products, and programs

VPI has systems engineering and product development expertise to take projects and programs from initial concept to final manufactured product. Our engineers possess university degrees and experience in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software/Firmware Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering