Wireless/RF Engineering

Radio Frequency/Wireless Engineering Capabilities

Elevate your product with our wireless and Radio Frequency (RF) expertise

VPI’s RF design services are custom-made for your needs, whether you’re in commercial, industrial, government, or military industries. We’ve helped countless products tap into wireless communication capabilities by creating custom radios/modems for new product designs or incorporating off-the-shelf modules into existing products.

    Optimization of RF designs for challenging RF environments

    Standard, commercial and wireless protocol designs including:

    • Wireless Systems
    • ZigBee®
    • Bluetooth®
    • BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy
    • 802.15.4
    • Contiki
    • ZigBee PRO
    • MQTT
    • Wi-Fi (802.11 b,g,n,ac,ax)
    • GPS
    • RFID
    • Remote Controls
    • Custom Integration of Wireless Radio Modules

    Antenna Design

    Whether you require chip, external, or custom antenna design and integration services, we can provide an antenna solution that fits your specifications.

      • Chip Antenna Integration
      • External Antenna Integration
      • Custom Electrically Small Antennas for Space-Constrained Design

    Infrared (IR) Systems

    Infrared systems including thermal imaging, short-range, and military applications require RF wireless engineering solutions that precisely incorporate your design’s fit, form, and function. VPI Technology can assist in taking your infrared designs from vision to reality.

      • Military Applications – Surveillance, Targeting, Tracking
      • Temperature Sensing
      • Thermal Imaging
      • Short-Range Wireless Communication Design
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    Custom Applications

    VPI offers a comprehensive range of custom applications for radio-frequency and wireless engineering services, which include custom RF transmitter/receiver designs, the design and implementation of proprietary communication protocols, and the development of radio devices with non-standard frequencies. Additionally, VPI has expertise in RF amplifier design, wireless command, and control systems, narrow and wide band transceivers, long-range communication systems, and ultra-low power communication systems. 

    With this extensive range of capabilities, VPI can create bespoke solutions to meet unique requirements.

      • Custom RF Transmitter/Receiver designs
      • Design and Implementation of Proprietary Communication Protocols
      • Radio Devices with Non-Standard Frequencies
      • RF Amplifier Design
      • Wireless Command and Control Systems
      • Narrow Band Transceivers
      • Wide Band Transceivers
      • Long Range Communication Systems
      • Ultra-Low Power Communication System