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Working with Us

The team at VPI Strategic Sourcing possesses deep supply chain knowledge and negotiating power to achieve:

-          Stellar pricing and terms on components of your products

-          High-quality and cost-effective manufacturing options

-          Sourcing for hard-to-find components

-          Resilience in sourcing strategy and options

These results are difficult to achieve and make such a positive difference in our customer’s product lifecycles. Let’s start a conversation about how this value can be applied to your product.


Tell us about your product

How will your product be used?  A detailed description of your product along with its specifications helps us navigate sourcing the right parts and products at the right price.  We do the heavy lifting, and with your help, we search and find the components you need to manufacture your products more effectively and efficiently.

Let us know your production plans

  • Annual Usage: If you have a forecast, send it over. If not, just send us your best estimation.
  • Batch Size: How many products will be made in a single production run?
  • Production Schedule: What deadlines do you have? When do you expect to produce samples, EVT runs, DVT runs, production ramp-up, and mass production?

We go to work

VPI Strategic Sourcing uses an extensive network that has been proven over time.  Making sure every vendor is equipped to produce a quality product in a timely manner is a top priority.  We will verify the integrity of the supply chain and negotiate prices and deliveries.

You get a quality product at a great price

At the end of the day, we plan to supply you with a quality product at a great price. We work hard to make sure our customers and clients have a positive and productive experience with VPI.